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Batman: The Complete Live Action Series (1966-1968) DVD Set

Product Review (submitted on June 20, 2012):

Received this set the other day and am very happy with my purchase. The set I received looks exactly the same as the one pictured. All 8 discs have full artwork which I was happy to discover, and the case that holds them is nice.

I popped the first disc in and was very happy with the quality. The menus are cool and have pictures of various Batman characters with a list of of the episodes on the disc. Each episodes seems to be about 25 minutes long so I can tell this is the uncut version. Also, it doesn't have any logos or anything when watching. I've read some versions of this show are cut to only around 20 minutes so I'm glad I got this version.

That's about it! If you are a Batman fan or have never seen this version, get this set! It's made me very nostalgic. :)